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Advantages from being sick

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post by David

There are a few advantages to being sick ( not all of them apply to me).

1. (Thinking of my single friends) There are an inordinate number of good-looking ladies that paying a lot of attention to all that’s going on in my mind and my body

2. As a pastor it is invaluable to have the experience of being on both sides of the sick-bed and to know from experience that the words I have spoken to others and the things I believe really do bring comfort at times like these.

3. I am hoping to live to a ripe old age but I know that what really counts is “quality” not “quantity”. You want to make a difference in someone or someones life, to make the world a better place. From a Christian perspective you want to make a difference that will matter for eternity. These things are often difficult to judge. Sometimes all you can do is what God calls you to do and trust him for the results

My experience of being sick, however,means that I have had contact whether by card or email or in person with heaps of people who have shared with me ways in which I have touched their lives ( with God’s help). I am very encouraged to know that my life has made a difference. Not everyone gets to see things this clearly

Thank you to all who have offered our family so much support in various way. If we don’t call on you immediately it is not that we don’t appreciate the offer. It is that we know this will a long haul and we don’t want to wear any one out.


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November 14, 2009 at 7:29 pm

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  1. Hi David and Tarnya,

    I was astonished to hear this news today. We are thinking of you both and the kids. Praying for healing and strength, encouragement and happiness. It’s good to have faith and hope in God. We are continually blessed by your family. We love you. Blessings to you both. Love, Marilyn

    Marilyn Laktin

    November 16, 2009 at 10:49 pm

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