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Out of hospital

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Dave was able to spend the weekend out of hospital, at his parents house (Glenise and Jim’s). We stayed each night and went after breakfast, returning again at dinner time. It was so good to spend time together.

This worked well for all of us: having 8 children around is very tiring so Dave is able to enjoy them when they come for dinner and then their night-time routines. Noah (12) is making Dave’s scrambled eggs each morning. Dave had family from Australia visiting over the weekend and he spent time with them, which he greatly appreciated. In the evenings we have started recording on video camera: Dave, his parents, and Gran tell stories about Dave as they look through childhood photo albums.

During the day I am able to pack as we have found a suitable house. The small children can play with their toys in the garden and the older ones help as much as they are able. A friend kindly took a trailer load of rubbish to the tip at the weekend and Philip (brother-in-law) took one of our chicken houses and the chickens to a good home. I also do not have to worry about dinner and its clean up while I pack which is a blessing. Both Dave and I agree that it is important for the children that I am with them as much as is practical at the moment.

We noticed a deterioration in Dave’s health over the weekend (all expected side effects from the chemotherapy): mouth ulcers, increased fatigue, and decreased appetite.

Dave’s Dad is taking him to chemotherapy. Dave will need to rest more and more during the day.


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November 23, 2009 at 11:18 am

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