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Top Ten Things to Be Thankful For With Cancer

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Just a brief medical update. Yesterday’s chemo went off without a hitch. I am due back at the clinic for another bone marrow biopsy next Thursday. The Thursday after that I see the doctor to discuss the results. Perhaps we will know whether my sister is a “match” for me by then.

Here is my “top ten” list of things to be thankful for with cancer:
10. I am saving money on haircuts;
9. I am saving money on shampoo and conditioner;
8. It takes no time at all to shave in the mornings;
7. I can enjoy my food and don’t have to worry about my cholesterol;
6. Life really does seem better (“Whites are whiter and colours brighter”). I get up in the morning with an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for all the good things I see around me;
5. Tim gets to hear stories read by Dad more often (Tim’s contribution);
4. I have had the joy of hearing from friends and family I have not heard from in a while and the privilege of speaking of the impact we have had on each others lives for good.
3. I have “first hand experience” of how tenuous our grip on this life can be. It makes you think about what really is important. What do I want to pass on to my children? What do I want my legacy to be? What can I do that will last for eternity? These are the things that really matter – but they usually don’t get the time and attention they deserve. Cancer is great for focusing your attention on the things that matter.
2. I have “first hand experience” of how the Christian hope of a resurrection to eternal life in the kingdom of God when Jesus comes again (excuse the jamming together of all that theological jargon) really does make a difference. We are all going to die of something, someday. The Christian hope brings ultimate meaning to what otherwise could be a pointless exercise in futility. Everything I am going through in this life is part of God’s plan to prepare me to reign with Christ in the next.
1. I feel closer to God, more contemplative, prayerful etc, than ever I have before and this is not just a result of having nothing else to do. I am confident that should God grant me strength to return to work in the future the “busy-ness of business as usual” will not take from me all that I have learned through this experience.

Today Tarnya and I celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. I am more thankful to God for her than I could ever put into words. She has been an unwavering support. She has encouraged me in my strengths, challenged me to grow in areas of weakness (by her life, not by “nagging”!), and I can’t imagine how life could be any sweeter.

As they say when writing books, after thanking all those who contributed so much, any errors and omissions are entirely the fault of the author. I would not be all that I am without Tarnya but any “errors and omissions” in my life are entirely my fault not hers.


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December 5, 2009 at 11:09 am

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  1. Dude,

    I hope this word out finds you well and polished up (sorry couldn’t help it). Your latest fashion statement suits you. Kind of – “Don’t mess with me, I’m a cleric with a thousand hit points and if the big guy doesn’t send a million volts down on your natural then I could break out with a bad rendition of a Midnight Oil song”

    I had a though about your muscle loss. Have you considered whey powder? Its very high in protein potency and is good for muscle gain. Perhaps you could even get some of that muscle gain drink that the body builders use. You can get it at the supermarket. Next time you chuck on a photo you could look well ripped – like Rambo (Part II, not Part I, Part II he was well ripped).

    It was great to catch up with you and your folks.
    Aren’t we a path lot that it should come to such times just to simply be more interested in each other?
    Still, looking at your “top ten” happies on cancer – its good to see your nearer to where were we should all be. The tide comes and goes but the shore remains.

    Your refining is ours Dave and I’m still listening.

    I am praying for your health, courage, salvation and your family’s fortitude. It was either that or a Lotto ticket and a cold meat pie but I’ve only got $9.60 left and I need to get a bottle of milk and some bread on the way home.

    (Dont dissapoint me or you know I’ll have to sort you out on the other side 🙂


    December 6, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    • Pete is referring to Peter Garrett, the chrome-domed lead singer of Midnight Oil.


      December 6, 2009 at 11:54 pm

  2. Hi David, I was in your class at Rosehill in 1982! It’s kinda cool to hear where you are at these days, sorry to hear about your health at present. Best wishes mate.

    Robert Papesch


    December 7, 2009 at 3:53 pm

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  5. […] informed as to my progress. My wife set up a blog for this purpose   (davidburge.wordpress.com).  One post I wrote was entitled, “Top Ten Things to be Thankful For With Cancer”. Among those things for […]

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