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I’ve unpacked many boxes.

Boxes ready for recycling

While all this unpacking was going on, the children made good use of the cardboard boxes.

Joe in the doorway of his new home.

Peepo! Ruth tries out a window.

Tom is pretty pleased with his tunnel

Tim decided Ruth's game was pretty good.

It doesn’t matter how many times I move, nor how much I de-clutter before a move, I always end up with boxes of “stuff”, sometimes they are full of the last minute things that are hastily stuffed into boxes, sometimes things that I know I will need but don’t have a set place in the new home. I have moved these and a few remaining unpacked boxes to the garage with the hope that I will discipline myself to take some things out of them each day. But pretty much, we are unpacked:-)

It is a good feeling to have Dave home with us, to have a home which is suitable for this season.

This evening I have been reading some teaching from Elizabeth Elliot, “Shoes of Iron” was particularly helpful to me.

Here is a quote:

“One must always get back to the practical and definite. There’s something marvelously sustaining about the knowledge that Thomas a` Kempis, and Samuel Rutherford, and Amy Carmichael, and Moses, and the people of Israel, and Mary and Joseph, and countless hosts of others have suffered and feared and trusted and been carried through in the same everlasting arms that hold us.

“And so on that New Year’s Day as I was imagining what that year might hold, I took that promise of shoes of iron. We shall be given shoes of iron. We shall find the unendurable endurable, the impossible possible. The natural processes of change and decay may be unexpectedly retarded to enable us to travel where no roads are visible, no replenishing available. The Lord is the one who travels every mile of the wilderness way as our leader, cheering us, supporting and supplying and fortifying us. Not all God’s children, I suppose, have iron shoes–only the ones who need them. Lord, Thou knowest what we need.”

He does indeed know what we need.


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December 14, 2009 at 11:23 pm

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