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On Monday Dave started chemotherapy again. Grandma and Grandpa* looked after the children so I could be free to spend the day with Dave at the Day Stay. There was a good reason for this: I was to be trained in giving injections.

Dave was there all day: I walked to Newmarket while he dozed during the first treatment and managed to get some errands done and I had quick look around the shops .

We were given a little chart with all the different treatments for the next four weeks which included injections that I can give to him at home. I did the injection that day, carefully instructed by the nurse. Dave had chemo in his spinal column, just to make sure that no cancer cells had migrated there. They recommended a coffee or a coke to help with the headache after the spinal treatment – Dave said that he has been waiting a long time to find a doctor who recommends Coke! I imagine that will be the one and only time 😉

I am not very good at sitting around doing nothing, so I brought some books and printed out this Bible study. I read sections of it to Dave during the day and we both appreciated many of the insights and the encouragement.

He is not due to go into the Day Stay until next week. He is taking oral chemo and the daily injections (4 days in a row and then 3 days break). His energy levels are starting to drop as the chemotherapy has its effect. On Tuesday he discovered that those anti-nausea tablets do help as he forgot to take them before the oral chemo and spent the morning feeling quite unwell.

On Tuesday Sam, Rachel and Noah went fishing on a boat: a good friend organised the trip. We all (including Dave) have been enjoying beautiful fresh snapper. I made some lovely stock from the heads, which is now in the freezer. It was very good for them to enjoy something completely different and they really enjoyed the day.

We are getting back into some good routines with schoolwork and feel settled into our new home. I popped up the road and got some sand for our little sandpit – a wonderful activity for the little ones while the bookwork is going on.

An aside…

Some time ago (2006) I wrote about organic vegetables and how it was a mistake to reduce your vegetable intake to purchase organic veg (which we had done). Dr. BN Ames whose research led me to that conclusion has produced some excellent videos (5 in this series)  on the prevention of cancer. It is not what you think, pesticides are not the issue, nor are plastics, if you have the time have a look: http://www.bruceames.org/bnalect.cancer1.php.

His qualifications are here.

*Dave’s parents Jim and Glenise


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December 23, 2009 at 11:21 pm

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