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Selective Hearing

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Men are often accused of having selective hearing. I couldn’t find the exact cartoon, but the one below gives you the idea 😉

Dave accused me this morning of having a different kind of selective hearing. Our radio alarm went off, but I didn’t wake. The radio alarm is set to get louder and louder every few minutes, it got to full volume but I still didn’t wake. He moved to get up from the lazy boy chair, I woke up. (Dave is sleeping in a lazy boy chair at night because if he lies down flat his headache get worse.) He says that sirens can be going past on the Great South Road and I don’t wake but if he moves to get up, I wake up:-) It’s nice that he doesn’t have to wake me. It is horrible when one is in pain to wrestle with whether to wake someone else to get help or not.

I probably developed this skill when I was working as a home carer doing sleep-overs . Sleep-overs are great for students, it was how I paid my university fees: I was paid to stay overnight at an older person’s house. I was allowed to sleep but had to give any assistance needed in the middle of the night. I developed the ability, and I can’t tell you how, of sleeping soundly but waking as soon as I heard movement in the other room. I rarely had to be called. The funny thing is my babies have to reach a certain volume before I wake, but I usually wake pretty quickly if a child is unwell.

The children tell me that I have this selective hearing on the computer because I don’t hear them when they ask for ice cream or television but can hear when they are up to no good! (LOL)


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January 4, 2010 at 7:54 pm

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  1. That’s funny. I’m similar. Noises don’t generally awaken me, but somehow I can tell when the girls are awake every morning and that wakes me up.

    Also at night, if a child comes in because of a bad dream or something like that, I struggle to wake up; but if it’s a true emergency, like someone throws up in the night, I’ll be wide awake as soon as they come in.


    January 6, 2010 at 8:31 am

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