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David Burge updates his journey with leukemia


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Dave is at home :-).

Today Glenise and Jim (Dave’s parents) looked after the children for a couple of hours. Uncle Philip, who has a car and has given Sam a ride to work during this past week, is now on holiday so Sam will need to cycle there instead. Today Sam and I put our bikes on the train and rode to Puhinui Station, then cycled to EDL as a practise run (9.1km/5.6mi each way). There is a really scary intersection on the route which cannot be avoided. This intersection has traffic lights with turning signals but Sam would need to change lanes. Sam is humoring his mother and will hop off the bike at the scary intersection and go by foot using the pedestrian crossing. The rest of the route is OK and several roads have cycle lanes. His mother made it to EDL and back to the station, alive (I’m not referring to the traffic but my ability to keep up with my 15-year-old son!)

I decided to make my life simple and cook double amounts of dinner: we eat it for lunch the next day. The leftovers must be chilled quickly and heated very well the next day because of Dave’s neutropenia. This makes it simple for Sam’s lunch too, we don’t have to think of GF lunchbox food and it is all done the night before. Sam has also supplemented this plan with GF baking for his afternoon tea break.

I made a menu plan for 7 days. It saves deciding what’s for dinner. It also makes shopping easy. Saturday is nachos.


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January 16, 2010 at 7:20 pm

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