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Bread of Life

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Dave asked for some Christian hymns and something from our copy of the audio Bible for his ipod. Dave is nauseous, only able to eat a little, sore and so very tired, yet not able to sleep. Dave is low. Chemotherapy messes with your head. Even very positive people go low. But God is able. He can bring comfort that no one including me  can bring. He sustains us. He is the Bread of life.

Read Lamentations 3 (do go as far as verse 19 and following :-).  These are words from people who has despaired of even life itself who were driven to despair (read Lam 2). I’m not saying Dave is that low but the Bible deals with real pain. Lamentations doesn’t read like a get well card.


I have again been reading Don’t Waste Your Cancer, particularly point 9:

” Suffering really is meant to wean you from sin and strengthen your faith. If you are God-less, then suffering magnifies sin. Will you become more bitter, despairing, addictive, fearful, frenzied, avoidant, sentimental, godless in how you go about life? Will you pretend it’s business as usual? Will you come to terms with death, on your terms? But if you are God’s, then suffering in Christ’s hands will change you, always slowly, sometimes quickly. You come to terms with life and death on his terms. He will gentle you, purify you, cleanse you of vanities. He will make you need him and love him. He rearranges your priorities, so first things come first more often. He will walk with you. Of course you’ll fail at times, perhaps seized by irritability or brooding, escapism or fears. But he will always pick you up when you stumble. “

I have found that paragraph to be very true. I am not going to confess which of the above I more easily fall into! But it is a slippery slope, which God has gently led me away from. Small faults which can easily be ignored in everyday life come to the fore. Old, bad habits creep back. This is not broody introspection or self-flagellation. It seems so much more important now, to put first things first.

I know His grace, mercy and peace. Thank you to those that pray for these things for us. It is not how one imagines it might be. When one imagines what it might be like to have a husband with cancer, one does not imagine how God’s grace will come. Today it came in the form of a correction :-).


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April 4, 2010 at 10:30 pm

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. It is sobering to remember how problems do bring out the sin in one. The Psalms also show King David despairing of life. In some ways this is encouraging that so great a man of God faced the same things they we do. May His grace continue to flow for you, and for David especially grace to meet the lowness of mind and spirit.


    April 5, 2010 at 5:18 pm

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