David Burge Updates

David Burge updates his journey with leukemia

Burge Bunch Photos

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The Burgelets are: Samuel (Sam, June 1994), Rachel (Sep 1995), Noah (Feb 1997), Jonathan (Aug 1999), Joseph (May 2001), Thomas (Jan 2003), Timothy (Sep 2005), and Ruth (Feb 2008).

Click here if you’d like to see other photos of the kids. Timothy also features in a humorous slide show that can be found here. Click here to see photos of Dave with family and friends that have been taken since he became unwell.

BurgeFamily2008 edited

Burge Bunch December 2008


Burge Bunch 2006


David & Tarnya on 5 Dec 1992. Adding 16 years and 8 kids results in the topmost photo. Click on this one to enlarge it

The above photo first appeared in the post titled Weddings and Life Long Commitments.


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November 12, 2009 at 12:16 pm

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  1. […] Tarnya and David Burge have been homeschooling since 2000. They have eight children: Samuel (‘94), Rachel (‘95), Noah (‘97), Jonathan (‘99), Joseph (‘01), Thomas (‘03), Timothy (05), and Ruth (‘08). Photos of our kids. […]

  2. Dear Tarnya, I came across your website by a string of interesting connections tonight and have cried as I learned of David’s death. I remember David so well and certainly talk of him to my husband at least once a year – he had a big impact on my life in many ways. I first met him at Auckland University in the Christian Fellowship group there and then we met again at Bible College – I clearly remember walking with you both along a beach (was it in East Auckland)? David and I were in the same small group at Bible College so we had a lot to do with each other. We also shared a theological belief that death was indeed a ‘sleep’ and that a person did not go directly to heaven. I also greatly admired his understanding of miracles and he led me to a thorough study of miracles and ‘spiritual gifts’ as a student at college and later. I have regularly remembered him with fondness and as a true man of well grounded, well tested faith. He came and talked at my church on a couple of occasions and we were all blessed by his sharing. He spoke on prophecy in Daniel and Revelation and about Christ in the OT. I’m amazed and thrilled that you have 8 lovely children (have loved seeing the pictures). I do hope that your church and family are taking good care of you and your children in David’s absence and join with you in awaiting the glorious return of our Lord when David will be raised to life once more. I am married to Ian and we have 2 lovely boys (Logan 8 and Alexander 6). I had a lot of trouble conceiving – would have loved 4 (can’t imagine coping with 8!), but God didn’t grant us that request. Ian has 2 other sons, so I guess I got my 4 request, albeit not how I had imagined (they’re now 26 and 30). Reading the dates above, David has been asleep for a while now, but I’m sure the reality of it still has a daily impact on your life and in your heart.

    With love and God’s richest blessings,
    Kaye McKean (nee Wendelborn)

    Kaye McKean

    January 3, 2013 at 8:18 pm

    • Thank you so much Kay!
      It is lovely to read how you remember Dave. Those memories are precious to me. I have been so very blessed by so many people and I can not imagine how one gets through widowhood without friends and family who have ministered God’s grace to me.
      I am thrilled to carry on Dave’s (and mine now) passion for conditional immorality – I am the webmaster for http://www.afterlife.co.nz/.
      I have remarried and occasionally blog at http://www.familyis.org/blogs/widow-remarried/
      Lots of Love Tarnya


      January 3, 2013 at 11:14 pm

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