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Funeral message

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A copy of Jefferson Vann’s message linked above.

The service was a wonderful tribute to Dave. Thank you to all.

You will find me at


Love Tarnya


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July 12, 2010 at 9:47 am

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Consultant Visit Again Tomorrow

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My Dr. rang today and told me my white cell count is very low and to stop taking my chemo drugs. In essence a low white count is a good thing for me but if it goes too low I am more open to an infection.

We are going to the consultant again tomorrow.

It is also Sam’s sixteenth birthday.

I am still writing as time allows. Rachel wanted me to write something for her. I spent the last few days writing about Ruth and Esther (Bible books). Can’t resist putting a bit of history, kings of Persia etc in there. Rachel got very good marks for her school exams (including 2nd in the class for history) so I don’t think the history will trouble her.

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June 9, 2010 at 7:41 pm

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Home Again

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Dave was released from hospital yesterday and his immunity is almost zero. Thomas (7) had a belly ache so he kept his distance: I have since found out that he had been eating a great deal of feijoas – including some of the skins – from a tree that overhangs the back garden, so that wasn’t contagious! He is fine now and so is everyone else.

We have received a number of lovely gifts recently, including…

  • Emails and phone calls with encouraging words.
  • Prayers and thoughts for Dave’s recovery.
  • A friend we haven’t seen for at least a couple of years dropped by. He is a qualified electrician and on the spur of the moment fixed a broken light switch.
  • We received a lovely food parcel with lots of wonderful goodies.
  • Someone bought us a number of loaves of gluten free bread. Fried eggs on toast for dinner tonight :-).
  • Bottled water for Dave – he has to drink 2 litres every day.
  • A friend took the younger children to the park to play for a few hours.
  • Gifts of money which allow extra things that make life much easier, e.g. a self-teaching spelling program for our homeschool and money for an Art Camp which Noah is going to this weekend.

… there are many others, so if you are not included in the above it is not that we do not appreciate your gifts and acts of service to us.

This news story might be of interest:

Leukemia Survivor Gets Future, Sister Back With Transplant

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April 9, 2010 at 9:47 pm

A Tribute to Nana

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Last night Nana (Dave’s Grandmother) died. The end of her life was overshadowed by dementia, much of her personality and many memories were stolen from her by the disease. Many things remained: chief among them her love of her children, grandchildren and her great grandchildren.

We have many fond memories of Nana.

Nana loved to knit. Dave received many hand knitted garments from her. Both Sam, Rachel and Noah were all given beautiful hand knitted jumpers. These were passed on and even Ruth had one or 2 of them.

Dave remembers Nan’s love of hospitality. You couldn’t visit Nan without eating something. I used to visit Nan on a Wednesday every two or three weeks- at lunch time – and Nan would always get her purse and say, “Go get us a big feed of fish and chips”. One of the first signs that Nan was not well was that she used to try and pay me twice or (she would have been horrified) would forget to pay me at all. I was certainly happy to buy lunch for Nan but if she had remembered she would have “demanded” I accept her money – and wear a jumper, no matter how hot the Summer lest I get a cold, and be home “early” even if I did have to work. Sam remembers Mum’s (Tarnya’s) valiant efforts to defend her plate against multiple helpings.  Jonathan remembers having icecream and custard for desert.

Nan lived with us for about three years after Poppa (her husband), died when her dementia was in its earlier stages. She read to our children. She took time to listen to their stories.  Her delight on Saturday mornings, was a trip to a local cafe, with one or 2 of our children to indulge them in cream buns or ice cream.

In the evening, she would sometimes read the Bible. On one occasion she asked Tarnya if she ever read it, “He is wonderful” she said as she reflected on something from the gospels. She couldn’t always find the words but Jesus was very dear to her.

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March 14, 2010 at 6:46 pm

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