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Sermons For the Seasons of Life

These are my “top ten” favourite sermons for the seasons of life. They are not the best sermons I have ever heard. They are my work and there are many preachers more capable and gifted than I. Some when written out are more didactic than inspirational (and I haven’t always included all the humour that is part of my preaching style). Together, however they make up a collection of some of the most important things about the “seasons of life” on topics such as living a life of purpose, marriage, raising children, sufferring and faith in Christ. They are not written to my children or at a level that my younger children would understand but they are the things I hope to be around to say to my children as they go and grow through these “seasons” in their own lives. But if not (Daniel 3:17-18) they will have my Sermons for the Seasons of Life.

The Refiner’s Fire: A Sermon on Suffering  Daniel 3:1-30

Righteous Risk Takers

A Wedding Sermon:Genesis 2:18-24

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Message to Mary: A Christmas Sermon

Elkanah: A Model Father

Not in the ‘top ten’ but related is God and Evil

Other sermons by Dave

~ On Suffering
~ Ten Spiritual Resolutions for a New Year
~ David and Bathsheba


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