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Ducks and Gooses

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Tarnya Writes

ducks at the domainToday I parked the domain. The Auckland hospital carpark is a nightmare : yesterday I took the a ticket at the gate, then I drove around and around and there seem to be no spare car parks. Meanwhile my precious visiting time was disappearing and I was paying for it!

The domain though is a peaceful, pleasant place. All hospitals should have them!  Today I was able to find a 2 hour car park there.  I took Ruth, Tim, Sam, Tom and Joe in the car.  Sam(15) took Ruth(19 months) and Tim(4) to play while Joe, Tom and I went to see Dave.

” We saw ducks and gooses” announced Tim on my return.


“We saw ducks and geeses, Mum”

Next time we promised to bring some stale bread. I have fond childhood memories of feeding ducks in the domain.


Dave writes

On paper, I’m very sick but I am feeling better than I have felt for weeks.

“The opera isn’t over to the Fat Lady sings”.  So far the bloods are all going in the right direction.


Tarnya again

Dave did seem well today. One thing that has encouraged him is his sight. His vision has cleared and has returned almost to normal.  I printed out all your wonderful comments and emails to read. Later he rang me to tell me had read them and has found them an encouragement. I will continue to do this.

Dave is  happy to receive visitors  but  please note the following:

Please txt or ring first either 0276082027 or Ward 62 Auckland Hospital and ask to speak to David Burge

He is having a number of treatments and he can not promise that he will be there even if you make an arrangement

No children under 5 years are allowed on the ward. No one with a cold, sore throat etc is allowed on the ward. ( see the comments for an explanation)

No flowers are allowed on the ward.

He tires easily and may ask you to leave after a short visit. It is important that he rests. But he still appreciate the visit even if it is brief.

Regarding practical help for the children and me.

Thank you to all those who have offered to do baking, cooking etc. As most of you are aware Sam has coeliac and several us get unwell when eating gluten. So it is difficult for others to bake or cook for us. However the following would be appreciated

Packets of raisins or other dried fruit  for children ( useful for morning/afternoon tea in the van or if we are running late for lunch/dinner).

Rice crackers ( please check it has Gluten free on the front of the packet)

Pak n Save vouchers : There are  some things that I can buy that are easy dinners for us but are a little more than our usual fare.

Petrol vouchers : I am journeying daily to Auckland.


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November 11, 2009 at 2:41 am

John 16:33

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Welcome to David’s blog, which serves as a record of our journey from November 2009 to July 2010. 


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John 16:33
“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

This last weekend David experienced sudden blurred vision. On Monday he was referred to the emergency eye clinic, then on to Middlemore, then Auckland hospital and after many tests, the doctors have found the cause: Dave has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He has started chemotherapy.

So we find ourselves facing a very strong head wind of trouble. But we take heart. God is with us :-).

Thank you to all those are praying and giving us practical help.

Please pray for healing. Please pray for peace and courage for Tarnya (me) and our 8 children, for Dave’s parents Glenise and Jim, and David’s sister Vicki and her family.

Please pray for our church family, especially for the leadership.

I will use this blog, impersonal though it is, to write updates and to share our journey.


Update #1 (April 2010)

Since November Dave has had chemotherapy, gone into remission, and a 10/10 matching donor has been found on the international registry. Dave was scheduled for a bone marrow transplant in late April 2010, however a bone marrow biopsy showed that he was no longer in remission so he is undergoing further chemotherapy to try and achieve a second remission. The bone marrow transplant has been postponed.

Update #2 (May 2010)

The further chemotherapy did not achieve the desired second remission, and the results of a bone marrow biopsy done afterwards made it clear that a transplant was not an option. The consultant thought that even if a bone marrow transplant had happened earlier in the first remission Dave would have relapsed anyway. Dave is taking a chemo drug to control the leukemia and this will give him extra precious months.

Update July 2010

David died on the 4th July. Photos and a video of his service are available . You can read what Dave believed about the afterlife here.

David wrote 2 books in those last months. I hope to have them published soon (links coming…)

David and I choose not to allow leukemia to so cloud our lives that we did not receive each day as a blessing to be shared. Psalm 90:12. That is my prayer for you, that in all circumstances you can still find joy.

Love Tarnya

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November 10, 2009 at 6:43 am